Uniting datacenter configuration and performance
Discovering the causes of performance problems in virtualized systems is often more difficult than without virtualization, because they can be caused by changes in infrastructure configuration rather than the user's application. vQuery is a system that collects, archives, and exposes configuration changes alongside fine-grained performance data, so the two can be correlated.



Migration time lapse

Get a sense of how dynamic one virtualized datacenter is through a time-lapse of migration activity.


Configuration graph UI

See a prototype of an exploration tool for exploring configuration and performance monitoring data.

Code publicly available

Collection System

The collection system has not yet been approved for open-source distribution. Apologies!


Remote console forwarder

vCloud Director v1.x requires using the VMware remote console, a browser plugin only available for selected versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer. This tool proxies a remote console through another machine, allowing the remote console to be used by any machine with support for X11 forwarding as a client.

Migration time lapse

A migration time lapse visualization like the one above can be generated from vCenter logs. Please contact us if you are interested in the scripts.

Publications on the project

PDF vQuery: A Platform for Connecting Configuration and Performance. Ilari Shafer, Snorri Gylfason, Gregory R. Ganger. VMware Technical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, December 2012

People who have made vQuery possible